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What is Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is a type of software that is used for auto-clicking. A full-fledged auto-clicker is Safe Auto Clicker with two modes of auto-clicking. It is easy to use. It is as simple as a program that simulates mouse clicking. It can be easily triggered for generating the input which was recorded earlier or can be generated from various current settings. Auto clickers are very simple as a program that stimulates the mouse clicking. 

How  Auto Clicker Works?

The Auto Clicker offers plenty of options to its users and as it is a user-friendly interface, it makes easy for the gamers to set the clicking actions as per need and requirements. As the name suggests a Safe Auto Clicker works in the same manner. This software allows you to run the multiple script-based functions for specific operations, or you can also manually configure them to record your clicks and then repeat them in a certain application.

click type

Clicker type offers you five types of clicks as follows: Left, Right, Left Double, Right Double, and Middle Button Click.

Click delay

Click Delay to let you set a time delay between the clicks. It can be between milliseconds, seconds, or minutes.


To start exploring its amazing features you just need to install the application to your system else you can download a portable version to save you system space.


It is absolutely free and available for every window, ubuntu, and Mac system without any biased behavior.


Yes, It is 100% safe to install into your system. It does not contain any extra miscellaneous files
such as any malware or viruses.

Fast Clicks

It is one of the fastest and finest auto clicker tools you ever used. It takes the order of clicks from
the owner who uses it and clicks in the way the user wanted.

User Friendly

You are going to use this very user-friendly application because the features are easy to explore
by every user even for noobs.


You can change hotkeys to start and stop the application.Hotkeys work while the application is
in the background.

Free Updates

We list updated auto clicker tools into the list after every week to improve its performance and
overcomes user’s measured doubts.
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Roblox Auto Clicker

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Best Auto clicker Apps for Android

Best Auto clicker Apps for Android

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I like this auto clicker this is the number one auto clicker in the world so what do people expect from this op auto clicker i’m one of your biggest fan .

Matias Alasagas

I absolutely love it! Great for simulator games where you have to keep clicking. It’s also really cool how you can put it for a particular key, and it has no faults and works perfectly for me everytime I use it.

Steven Carter

It was really confusing to get it to continue clicking instead of just twice. Overall though, it worked well. And I like that you can put in your own hotkey instead of just a list.

Darlene Conway